Sean Hotchkiss writes.  If you’ve been anywhere near menswear over the past few years, you’ve read his work.  These days, he is a freelance writer and creative consultant, having worked with Harry’s, J. Crew, and Suit Supply.

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Protect the Family Jewels with Royal Highnies

Let’s be honest, protecting the family jewels is your primary objective every day.  The good folks at Royal Highnies, thankfully, have just the solution.  

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A Family Tradition: Guys Trip to Paradise

My family does not have many traditions.  We don't have family reunions.  We don't have huge Thanksgiving celebrations full of extended family.  

We do, however, travel.  Every January, my dad, brothers, and I travel to Colorado for a few days of skiing and snowboarding.  Likewise, every summer, we take a trip.  

Sometimes, it is another trip to Colorado, trading our skis and snowboards for mountain bikes and whitewater rafts.  Other times it is a trip to an island paradise, complete with sailing, snorkeling, and island hopping.

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